No sugar chocolate truffles

This post is simply a nut-free, no added sugar, high protein, high fibre, vegan chocolate truffle.
And breath.

Oh and it’s bloody delicious too.

I don’t want to promote these as healthy simply because they’re made from dried fruits which are high in natural sugar so whilst choosing a piece of fresh fruit is still much better for you these little treats are probably more likely to satisfy your chocolate cravings. Definitely still see them as a treat. Sugar is sugar after all.


 500g pitted and chopped dates

200g dried apricots

150g oats 

100g brown rice flour

80g cocoa powder

100ml coconut oil

50ml pure maple syrup

Yield: 44 dependant on size

The above ingredients aren’t hard to source, you’ll find them in most supermarkets and definitely in specialist health-food stores. You can substitute brown rice flour and oats for other high fibre flours if you wish.

The method is easier if you have a food processor but also achievable without. However without a food processor you will need to substitute the oats for brown rice flour.

Either blitz the dates and apricots in a food processor until they’re smooth or using a sharp knife carefully chop until you achieve a smooth paste like consistency. Small chunks are okay but it makes the balling more difficult. 

Now is the time to turn the oats into flour then add them to the bowl along with the brown rice flour and coco powder.

Dig in and mix the dry ingredients into the dates, this takes a while but once you’re done you can lick your fingers (then wash your hands!) and start to taste those yummy truffles coming together.

I don’t appear to have taken a picture after combining the date mixture with the dry ingredients, obviously  I was too busy licking my fingers I forgot.

Melt the coconut oil until clear then add the pure maple syrup. This is your glue get your hand back in and mix together until thoroughly combined

Your mission now, should you choose to accept it.. I use the term ‘choose’ lightly… Is to ball the truffles up. 

Avoid rolling the paste in your hands as it will crumble, instead pat firmly in the palm of your hands then use your finger tips to smooth and press in any cracks.

You can immediately start enjoying these treats. If you have the will power of a saint pop them into the fridge to harden up then store them in a bowl and pick at them sparingly. They’re to be shared so if you’re making these for a solo snack you’re going to want to half of even quarter the recipe. 
Enjoy your naughty but nice


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