Mint Choc Chip Cheesecake 

First of all, you’re right, I didn’t NEED to go so OTT.

BUT #yolo.

And anyway I had more over the top dreams for this cheesecake but I needed a deep loose bottom cake tin which I didn’t have. So consider yourself saved… For now.

Mint-chocolate is my favourite chocolate combo. Far surpassing caramel or orange. 

Let’s get started on a recipe hey!

For the base: 

450g biscuits (I have 200g mint creams and 250g chocolate ripple)

120g butter (dependant on how many biscuits you eat before starting the recipe)


260ml double (thickened) cream 

100g caster sugar

250g cream cheese

200g White chocolate

1tbsp peppermint extract (Aussie standard tbsp so the equivalent of 1 uk tbsp + 1 tsp)

1/2tsp green food colouring (I actually used a whole tsp and thought it came out more kermit-the-frog than a peppermint green)

200g dark choc chips

Optional: 2 big packs of mint M&M’s 1 big pack of mint malteasers.
So obviously the base is first.

Bash/blend the biscuits until they are a shell of their former selves (aka crumbs).

Melt the butter.

Combine with a fork to ensure the butter is mixed well throughout the biscuit crumbs.

Tip the whole lot into your chosen cheesecake tin. There will be enough biscuit to cover an 8″ round tin and come up the sides.

Refrigerate whilst you crack on with the filling.
Firstly whisk together 50g of the sugar and all of the cream till just thick enough to hold its shape.

Pop back into the measuring jug/vessel.

Next beat the remaining 50g of caster sugar with the 250g cream cheese till smooth.

Melt the white chocolate.

Whisk the cream into the cream cheese mixture then add the flavouring and colour.

Slowly pour the White chocolate into the bowl then fold in the chocolate chips.

Dump this mixture into the chilled cheesecake base and spread out evenly.

It is at this stage I went wild! I could have stopped at a lovely row of malteasers around the edge or even just stick to malteasers to cover the whole thing but I dchoce to do a pattern. Do what ya like! It’s your dessert to make your own.


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