Is this clean, Hot Chocolate

Quick post.
My mum has a really sensitive stomach as I’ve mentioned before, she’s gluten and dairy free but also avoids most animal milks, creams and cheeses. At the same time she’s an avid baker and for many years now she’s baked gluten and dairy free cakes that are divine.
Over the weekend she entered a country show for the first time since my nana died with her gluten free chocolate cake. It was the first time this small village show had opened the gluten free category and the drive for my mum to go back and participate without her mum or dad as competition.
Although she wasn’t at all happy with her finished product (a family trait of ‘perfectionism’ I think) she won first in the gluten free category… but that’s not all. The judged not only thought her gluten free chocolate cake was the best in the category, they also thought it was the best bake in the whole show! She was presented a silver bowl (trophy) and remarked at the fact it was 10 years since her dad won the very same accolade.
Here she is, as photogenic as ever.
Since I was younger I’ve always had a reasonably sensitive stomach as we’ll but not enough to make me give up bread or chocolate unfortunately. I try to make a conscious decision about what I eat and I do well if I prepare but my willpower is terrible. My hand act before I have time to think and I end up eating cakes and sweets like they’re being made illegal, especially lemon tart…. mmmmmmmmm my absolute Achilles heel!
Today is one of those days I’ve made a big effort, I made soup last night for work, took cereal and an apple, didn’t really eat any cake (the brownie didn’t count) but I did have 2 bread batons which made me bloated. I decided post gym to go to the supermarket and get prepared for a good healthy week. I bought salad and houmous, olives and sundries tomatoes and some hemp milk.
I was feeling quite creative so I decided to make a ‘clean hot chocolate’. I don’t know for definite that this is a ‘clean treat’ but it contains no dairy so it must be a relatively good treat to have in comparison to the ‘cr*p’ you can buy.

250ml soya single cream
100g dairy free chocolate
500ml hemp milk

In a small pan heat your cream on a low setting, do not boil, once the cream is hot pour over the chocolate and stir until the chocolate has melted. Using the same pan warm your milk up, it’s your preference how hot you make it, and stir into the chocolate cream mix! Serve up and enjoy.

My hot-choc hasn’t cooled yet but I’m presuming it’ll taste delicious as chocolate milk shake too, provided it doesn’t split when it’s cool… We’ll see, IMG_0044.JPG


It hasn’t curdled and it tastes even more delicious cold!!!!


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